Measurement Uncertainty, Statistical Quality Control, Study Design and Laboratory Statistics

Online training courses from pathologymu

Online courses available now from pathologymu. Sign up for updates for new courses, there will be many more to come, specifically designed for us in the medical laboratory

Much more than a “how to” walk through some calculations, these courses answers what we need, how we need it. By the end of the courses you will have a template that makes statistical approaches to laboratory science understandable, applicable and useful to your daily work practices.

Blended online and in person training

Why take these courses?

  • 20+ hours (per course) of learning material, paced and presented so you actually complete the course!
  • Live tutorials to review learning and solve those nagging problems that are getting in the way
  • Direct access to the tutor
  • Suitable for ALL disciplines of medical laboratories
  • Downloadable guides and resources to keep
  • Exercises that make sure you understand what you are doing, not just going through the motions
  • Learn at a time that suits your availability, no rushing at the last minute to hit arbitrary deadlines
  • Customise the course project so that your problems are solved……as part of your learning
  • Access to a community that has the same problems as you – and can help you solve them!
  • Get you your work time back – this will save you HUGE amounts of time once you fully understand the topic 
  • Certificate of completion for your CPD records
  • No travelling
  • No losing work days
  • Guaranteed success in understanding and applying statistical aspects of laboratory science 
  • Suitable for every laboratory discipline – guaranteed

What will you learn?

  • Everything you need to – right from the basics
  • All statistics used (there isn’t as much as you may think!)
  • All of the components of a robust statistical approach to laboratory quality
  • Reuse the template, and learning, for all of your assays
  • Learn where these topics can, and should be applied
  • Learn how proper interpretation of laboratory results is dependent on your understanding of the topics 
  • ….whatever you want! If there is something specific you are struggling with let us know. We will specifically tailor the training so you get the most out of it

What are the prerequisites?

  • A willingness to learn something new, that will make your life easier at work
  • An internet connection and laptop/computer
  • A couple of hours a week (I know how busy people are)
  • No prior stats knowledge is needed – we will cover it all!

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MU Fundamentals

This is an introduction to fundamental principles that underly measurement uncertainty. Learn the basic concepts, data sources and methods...

MU Advanced topics

Build on the foundations learnt in the ‘Fundamentals of MU’ course to deal with specific uncertainty contributors that should...

MU Applications

How it all ties together – the application of MU in the real world (or at least in our...

Statistical Quality Control Fundamentals

Entry level to the field of Statistical Quality Control. This module will serve as an introduction to traditional methods...

Statistical Quality Control Intermediate

Taking the next step towards applying performance metrics to deriving the most appropriate way to deliver your SQC procedure

Statistical Quality Control Advanced

This course will really dive into the details of setting your own, bespoke performance criteria so that you know...