Step by step training for implementing laboratory statistics into your laboratory quality processes

Join the measurement uncertainty learning track, or customise your selections to your needs offers the following options to suit the learning requirements of all

The pathologyMU academy

Clear, understandable content

Apply your knowledge to your own service

The Academy is a suite of online courses students can follow at their own pace to learn all aspects of measurement uncertainty, statistical quality control, method validation and verification and many more……

Students can tailor their learning to their own requirements be it to take a high level introductory course, add some more detailed content or even join the entire learning path

Courses can be taken individually or as part of a pathway when taken via the membership options

Enrolment in the full academy pathway, via the site membership, means that you have access to everything published on the site

The courses will continually be added to. As a start the focus will be on measurement uncertainty. Development is underway of courses and pathways to include:



Method V&V

Basic statistics for the medical laboratory

Advanced statistics for the medical laboratory

Probability, linear algebra and calculus as it applies to medical laboratories

Use of spreadsheets

Programming specific to laboratory requirements

Machine Learning for medical laboratories

All of these courses will be available individually, or access is unlimited to members of the academy

Online material (videos, presentations) and interactive learning materials including working with data, working with spreadsheets and online quizzes to reinforce (and provide evidence of) your learning.

Yes. This can be extremely useful to form a cohort so that you can build your learning with your colleagues. Contact us at to arrange how this can be done

Lifetime. for all courses.

Even better, if individual students join through the monthly subscription ALL future content will be included, with lifetime access, for no increase in fees

Absolutely Yes. Completion of individual modules will generate a certificate of completion at no extra cost

We are flexible. One time payments, spreading the cost across multiple months and monthly membership options are all available

If group cohorts are enrolled, a single invoice can be raised for all students

Online Academy PLUS mentorship from

Go that step further with mentorship from the instructors


The main difference is premium access to the course providers. All course content in the Academy is included.

Trainers will provide regular online group discussions and tutorials so that all information portrayed within the courses are reinforced

We deliver online (via zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet – whichever you prefer) tutorial sessions at prearranged times to suit your requirements

As much as we can we will try to ensure everyone can attend. But, we realise that people have busy schedules. If people can’t make it we will provide all materials covered in the tutorials. A video of the tutor led session will be provided.

Yes. this is a central part of the instructor led content. We will design and work towards a project that upon completion will be able to be placed directly into reduction, in your service. This will be specifically designed for your needs.

In person single or multi day workshops

In person training courses following the curriculums shown on each course page

This is for individual laboratories, groups of laboratories or even laboratory networks

We can cater for scientists, laboratory managers and quality managers. We are committed to tackling the questions that you ask. If you have specific issues that you want addressed, let us now – we will emphasise these issues to ensure you are completely satisfied with your outcomes

Workshops are available for 1, 2 or 3 day duration

See the links below for details about the curriculum for each course

Day 1 – Measurement Uncertainty Fundamentals

Day 2 – Measurement Uncertainty Advanced

Day 3 – Measurement Uncertainty Applications

Please Note: Provision of in person training has bee temporarily suspended due to the current climate

Finally courses for laboratory scientists…designed by laboratory scientists

Courses from

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Getting the most out of the courses

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