Plan what you want to achieve

All courses are designed by to make sure you complete them. We aren’t another online learning resource where you start a course full of enthusiasm only to not finish. The makers know the challenges that get in the way of successful completion; not least the lack of time to be able to work on the course. I understand you have other commitments and can spend hour upon hour trying to keep to deadlines.

To help, we have set some goals. The path we take to achieve those goals are also clearly laid out…at the beginning. Part of this is to look through the whole course before you start. There is information on the syllabus, the content you will learn on this site. Once those goals have been set, decide how much time YOU need to set aside to achieve those goals. Importantly, this will differ for everyone. A quick road to failing to complete these courses is feeling like you are being left behind. A plan at the beginning will help stop that. And even if you do feel you are falling behind there is constant support from tutors available.

Support sessions are available every two weeks. It helps to be prepared for these to get the most out of them. There is some advance work for completion before these sessions that helps to review the content you have covered in the intervening period, but sometimes are designed to generate discussion and feedback in the in person training sessions.

What hints can we give to help achieve your goals:

  • Set aside a couple of hours at specific times to be able to focus only on the course
  • Make sure you cover all the content – resist the temptation to skp sections if you think you already know it – you never know there may be some nuggets in there that you haven’t already covered. Even if you do think you can skip a section – retaking it helps with training your mind into getting into the mind-set of learning – use it as an introductory stretch for your brain before taking on the more difficult and new sections.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask during the in person training sessions. Feel free to send them in advance to make sure it is covered
  • To complete the course you need to attend the live sessions. The benefits to be gained from discussions with your fellow students is immeasurable. Community based learning has been shown to be one of the most effective learning approaches, irrespective of topic. We have this at our disposal and will take full advantage of it.

The online classroom

In the classroom, all the work to complete the course, including assignments, projects and discussion topics are there for all. If there are parts that you are struggling with, it really is a simple as posting a question for the instructors, and for your fellow learners.

  • Before posting in the classroom, use the search tool to read or filter the class to find active, interesting posts. Someone may have already posted a similar question or response that you have.