Laboratory Data Analysis

consolidate data, provide actionable insights

All data generated within the laboratory can be overwhelming.

We provide data analysis and help transform this data into useful information, that you can build your service on

  • Statistical and methodological services for all data generated within your laboratory
  • Measurement Uncertainty budget synthesis
  • Internal Quality Control review
  • Descriptive reports
  • Inferential analysis
  • Predictive modelling

Project Data Analysis Services

Individual or group based analysis

  • Project based
  • Any size small to very large
  • Data mining
  • Statistical analysis
  • Research Data

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to saving you time. We will automate all reporting so that minimal input is needed from you.

We have 20 years experience in laboratory data analysis. Nowhere else will you find data analysts with the domain knowledge that we have. there is no “back and forth” trying to explain your requirements with a programmer – that is us. We know the problems you face, we know the questions you want answered.

Absolutely. If you need institutional logos added we can tailor the reports to whatever format you would like

We can provide all of the below, is there something you would like that you can’t see? let us know, we will deliver

Customised PDF reports – all data in a single report

Excel dashboards – for real time analysis in the lab

PowerPoint presentations – ready to be presented to management meetings

Custom Web apps – delivers to your specifications. These are either reports from data that has been previously submitted or even dynamic applications to allow you to do reporting locally

Absolutely. We will arrange a schedule for data submission to us and agree a timeline to have the reports back to you.

Need data turned around quickly for a management review?- We can get it processed and back to you as soon as you need it

The analysis tracker of will inform you at what point you analysis project is in. Set up email notifications so that as soon as the report is ready you will know

Contact us now to discuss your next project