is offering a unique platform for scientists to evidence competency in interpretation of quality metrics used in the medical laboratory

  • Data is provided 4 times a year and the assessment process is entirely online – within this platform
  • Certificates of completion are provided once the assessment is complete – ready to be placed in your CPD file or competency record
  • Once the submissions are all complete, a video tour of the assessment of the data will be posted
  • This system is an ideal way for people to use the experience students have gained from the training courses on Taken together the teaching, and on going competency assessments are unique in their design – specifically using laboratory quality data like we encounter every single day

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be four assessments – one every three months

We will assess internal quality control, measurement uncertainty, method comparisons, validation and verification……the list goes on

Let us know. We are more than happy to extend data sources to the needs of the users we have. If you think there is something we don’t cover we would genuinely be excited to hear from you

Fancy seeing what other members make of your data? – Great! Contact us with a data set and we will see if we can incorporate it into our assessments. This is great for tricky problems you have encountered and that you think others would benefit from.

No, but we won’t deny it would help! All assessments will use data which are part and parcel of the day to day running of a medical laboratory. There shouldn’t be any data provided by that would be unfamiliar. However, there will be some advanced topics presented, so although the basics may be sufficient to demonstrate baseline competency, to get the full benefit to you, and your users, the topics contained within the training courses would help significantly.

We have institutional, corporate and individual level memberships. Feel free to contact us to see which one would suit you best

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