Build on the foundations learnt in the ‘Fundamentals of MU’ course to deal with specific uncertainty contributors that should always be considered when building our budgets and advanced methods to use if the budget requires it.

1Welcome and Orientation Course ProjectHow the course will be delivered
1Preliminary Measurement UncertaintyApplications in method validation and verification
2TraceabilityCalibrators, QC, reagent  traceability and MU
3CalibrationCalibration and uncertainty: Cause and remedy in equal measure? 
Live tutorial session – Review of weeks 1, 2 & 3
4The Bottom up approachUsing the GUM for uncertainty in the medical laboratory?
5Bias uncertaintyBias, its detection, correction and associated uncertainty
Live tutorial session – Project review tutorial
7Monte Carlo MethodsPropagation of distributions and associated uncertainty
8MU ReviewHow and when to review MU
What to do if it exceeds expectations
Live tutorial session – Review of weeks 7 & 8

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